Saturday, September 18, 2010

Talk is NOT Cheap. Post #8

Have you ever noticed how a wife can make or break her husband with her words? Or how a husband can lift up his wife or tear her down simply by what he says? Have you ever noticed how the friends around them will eventually believe what is being said? If a spouse speaks with honor, then their partner is honored.

Over the past few years, a group of us have met with other groups of people in several different towns. I need to tell you that the people around us honor Hornepayne! Our neighbors honor us!! Not only are we being spoken about positivly, but we have experienced Hornepayne being highlighted. At first I was amazed because I have mostly heard Hornepayne spoken about in the negative sense. The sad fact is that Hornepayne-ers speak this way more than anyone else.

Hornepayne is valued by our neighbors, and it's time we value ourselves! It's time we believe in ourselves and rise up with pride. It's time to speak to our kids about the joys of living here. What we lack in services, we make up for with community spirit. We may not have a shopping mall, but if you need something you can probably find someone who will lend you theirs. We may not have side walks, but we can stop our cars in the middle of the street to chat. We don't have traffic lights, and we don't get suck in traffic! Our Small Town does not have everything the city has; and that's exactly why we live here.

If I could only accomplish one thing, it would be to change how Hornepayne-ers view Hornepayne. Our town is Gem. The people here are a treasure. Hornepayne is not a clone of any other town, and we don't want to be either. We are not only capable, but we are equipped to truly be, Hornepayne.

C'mon, take another look! What do you see? ☺


  1. Hey Bev, so far so good, I am liking what I am reading. What I like is that you are making your arguments to the public. Anyone can find your blog, I don't go out that much but I do surf the web. Thanks for that! You are so right, when we were kids there was so much more for us to do then there is now.
    Everyone is talking about where the weight room is going, or the library, the curling club could be gone and as a voter I don't like that one bit. I curl, my kids curl and so does my husband. The old hospital was taken over by the town, I believe this building would solve some of our problems. Yes, it needs work.
    Cedar Point would look great with some clean up, the Graveyard looks pretty shabby lately too. What we need is someone to say okay, we are doing this on such and such a day come out and help out. Your right we need leaders, I'm hoping that you are one of those leaders! The thing with this town is that certain groupes know about projects and others don't! Promoting well in advance makes a big difference. Communicating with our students and tax payers, that is what we need! Keep up the good work, keep us informed and you will have all the votes you need! Good Luck come elections!

  2. Thanks for your support ♥

    I'm not sure the Town owns the Old Hospital.

    I also think the Curling Club room is an asset to the Community. Spending time together in a community setting is very important; that's how we get to know each other. If we loose our places to meet, then we loose the opportunities to be together. You'll see in this blog how much I value forming relationships.
    The decision has already been made to put the weight equipment in that space. By the time the new Council get's in, it will be done. They have tried to come up with an alternate, and have come up short. I don't want to see the weight equipment stay in there permanently. We lack room to house our services, so I do believe building is probably in our future.