Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Regular Meeting - August 8th 2011

Bravo Hornepayne!! You have stepped up this summer. It was recognized at the Council meeting that many have randomly helped out around our community this summer. From cutting grass to picking up garbage to fixing the Three Bears, and some have even donated money towards our Bears! The Heart of Hornepayne is Golden.

Dr. Reid Cameron is being recognized with an award of Honor for being an Outstanding Ontario Physician. We love you Reid!!

When it comes to CLUAH, our Municipal Council has decided to support "Option A". Mayor Morley stated that he feels all the options are flawed, but "Option A" is the closest to being fair. A letter is being sent to the Ministry to make their support known. Marg Zajac who was present at the meeting, said the letter will carry some weight with the ministry.

If you are an apartment owner, you may not like the resolution that was passed last night. There will no longer be any water/sewer write-offs for vacant apartments. If the water is turned on to the building (at the street) you will now be required to pay a bill for each apartment weather the apartment is occupied or not.

The CAC (Community Adjustment Committee) is a committee that works within the H.E.D.C. You'll remember back in the winter time they held a bunch of Community Forums at the Legion hall to ask the community what they wanted to see within the community. With that information, a Strategic Plan has been written. A draft was sent for Council's endorsement. The Strategic Plan contains some steps that can help move us forward. Now that Council has endorsed it, the Plan will be presented to the community.

There will be a Town Hall meeting held at the Legion on September 8th at 7:00pm. The reason for this meeting is to bring the public up-to-date on Council's actions since taking office on December 6th 2010.

The Next Regular Meeting of Council will be held on Monday September 26th.