Saturday, May 4, 2013

What I have learned on my nuclear journey, so far.

To: Jackfish Journal 
Hornepayne, Ontario

April 28, 2013
Letter to the Editor,

I started learning about Nuclear in the summer of 2011. It was a brand new subject for me. There was a lot of discussion on the Facebook Group “Let’s Rebuild Hornepayne”. We were told to keep an open mind, and I certainly did that. I wasn’t put off by the word “nuclear waste” and I looked at all sides of this to the best that I could. One of the major discussions had to do with safety. Back in those days we all immersed ourselves in NWMO’s info. It seemed all good and safe. There was a time I was for this.

Hornepayne is in the “learn more process” which means they hope we are each learning more about this. As my personal learning process continued I started to see another side of this Nuclear Industry, a side not portrayed by NWMO. The other side is the exact opposite of what the Pro-nuke people say. The research results are different, the death counts are different, and the levels of expected safety standards seem different. I found very educated experts who did not support the safety claims of the industry. And now, instead of "what to believe" (science) it has been all about deciding who to believe.

This is what I have found:
The Science that supports Nuclear is often peer reviewed. This means industry paid scientists confirm the results of industry paid research and the results always support the industry. In the news recently it has been exposed that our Canadian Scientists have been muzzled by the government. 
·         When it comes to radiation exposure, the long term effects are rarely accounts for. If you research Chernobyl for example, you will find many different death tolls. The effects of radiation may take decades before it kills; the industry often does not account for these deaths. This is how the Industry keeps their death print looking so good.
·         Of great interest is the story about Linda Keen. She was the CEO and President of the CNSC from 2001–08. (CNSC is the Canadian Regulator that oversees nuclear safety. They will be overseeing the safety of the DGR.) When she shut down one of the reactors for safety reasons she was fired! Continually I see that money is more important than safely.

Because this debate has more to do with, who are you going to believe and not about science, we see more character assassinating than we do truthful evidence. On our Facebook Group “Concerned Citizens of Hornepayne” there has not been a single anti-nuke expert that the pro-nukers have accepted. It does not matter what their degree or their level of expertise. Anyone who speaks against nuclear is considered to be wrong and “uneducated”. Even Greenpeace is not accepted as credible! Another popular name for those who oppose nuclear is “fear monger” which I have found to be untrue. There are many educated people out there who have valid reasons to disagree with what the industry claims.

So that is where I am in this debate. Those who are not benefiting financially from the Nuclear Industry do not accept this plan as being safe for the amount of time that the waste will be active. On the other side, the story is the exact opposite. Who are we to trust? For me, I trust the people who have nothing to gain from what they claim. What they teach is not influenced by a love for money. They have been persecuted by the industry and still they keep to their story. I’ve considered their reasons and I find myself believing what they say. There is no evidence of deception. On the other side, I see denials of deaths (like Deline), a CEO in charge of safety fired for doing her job, and denials of how far reaching accidents are (like Fukushima). The exposures of corrupt practices cause me to mistrust.

We are waiting to hear back from the CLC regarding a petition. It has been rumored that if we can show, through a petition that the majority of Hornepayne is opposed to this then council will withdraw from this process. If a petition will be considered we will be circulating one soon.

Bev Allen.
Concerned Citizen of Hornepayne.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Idle No More...Thank God!

Photo: #IDLE NO MORE! If You Ain't Angry Then You Ain't Paying Attention! 99% of Canada's 2.5 million lakes and rivers are now unprotected. 

Harper's omnibus ‘Budget’ Bill C-45 that passed Guts 99% of Canada's Protected Rivers and Lakes - Conservatives Toss Out 130 Year-Old Navigation Protection Act to  Speed Up Pipeline Construction and "projects" Over 99% of Canada's waterways are now unprotected - Canada HAD over 2 million protected lakes, and over 8,500 protected rivers. Canada now has ONLY 97 Protected lakes and 62 protected rivers. (90 per cent of those  protected lakes and rivers are on conservative riding territory) Thank Stephen Harper >

Nathan Cullen, MP for Skeena Bulkley Valley, raised navigable waters as a top issue of the 2012 in his year-end conference call with local northwestern B.C. reporters, saying:

"It means the removal of almost every lake and river we know from the Navigable Waters Protection Act. From one day to the next we went from 2.5 million protected lakes and rivers in Canada to 159 lakes and rivers protected. You name the river, you name the lake and it is no longer protected by this act, and this has nothing to do with the budget that the government rammed through, it has everything to do with pipelines, because you are able to now are able to ruin navigation and not trigger an environmental assessment."

All References attached below:

"Under the new Navigation Protection Act, only 62 rivers and canals, and 97 lakes are deemed worthy of federal protection. That’ll leave tens of thousands – over 99% of waterways unprotected. Of Canada’s 37 designated Canadian Heritage Rivers, only 10 are now covered. Pipelines and interprovincial power lines are also exempt from the new Act."

"90 per cent of the lakes that will still be designated as protected are in 1% conservative ridings- The list of lakes includes those surrounded by wealthy cottagers north of Toronto, in the Muskoka district of the riding held by conservative Tony Clement. Among them is Lake Rosseau, where Hollywood celebrities, business moguls and NHL stars perch on its banks.

Harper's omnibus ‘Budget’ Bill C-45 that passed Guts Protection of Rivers, Lakes - Conservatives Toss Out 130 Year-Old Navigation Protection Act to Speed Up Pipeline Construction

"Number of protected waterways are now limited to 3 oceans, 97 lakes, 62 rivers" The 130-year-old Navigable Waters Protection Act protected every waterway in Canada

Fact: "Canada has over 2 million lakes, and over 8,500 rivers"

For those who don't understand how navigation laws effect the environment, Transport Canada’s own documents clearly recognize that one of the NWPA’s goals is to ensure the “protection of the environment.” which can be verified here:

Harper's first omnibus budget bill C-38, replaced the entire Environmental Assessment Act in order to "streamline" approval of major oil and gas pipelines. The 2011 budget slashed funding for Environment Canada by over $222 million with cuts specifically to departments dealing with climate change, clean air, waste management and water resources.

First Nations chiefs across Canada disagree with several measures in Bill C-45 , protest and enter house of commons View Photo>>

Ipolitics: First Nations Chiefs take protest to doors of the House to oppose budget bill

“The issue here is with this omnibus legislation that it’s going to strip environmental protection of lakes,” Angus said after QP, referring to changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act which remove thousands of lakes and streams from federal protection. “It’s basically declaring open season on all parts of Canada, but especially on First Nation territory,” Angus added. “No consultation. There’s a real frustration. So the desire was for some of the leaders to be able to come in and actually say, wait a minute, how come you’re pushing this through, this omnibus legislation, you haven’t spoken to us." source:

First Nations chiefs disagree with several measures in Bill C-45

"They are frustrated with what they say is a lack of consultation over measures in the bill. The most contentious changes are those to the Navigable Waters Protection Act, which remove thousands of lakes and streams from federal protection under that law. Opposition parties say that removes environmental oversight of these waterways and the manner in which the law will continue to be applied is haphazard. "Important lakes and rivers in my region are being stripped of protection," said MP Glen Thibeault"

Omnibus bill changes anger water keepers

"Those who monitor waterways in Ottawa and across Ontario are upset changes stated in part two of the federal government's proposed omnibus budget bill do not protect navigable bodies of water in Canada. Number of protected waterways would be limited to 3 oceans, 97 lakes, 62 rivers."

It’s open season on Canada’s waterway - "The Harper Government has decided that blanket protection for all bodies of water in Canada is no longer appropriate"

"Right now the changes to the ( Navigable Waters Protection Act) will only include 97 lakes across our great country that will be protected. That means any proponent of a project that wants to build a dam, a bridge, or even dredge up their front yard if they're on a lakefront property, can do so without actually having to get an environmental assessment. This is a continuation of seeing the Conservatives continue to gut environmental assessments, to continue to gut the protection of wildlife habitats in our natural areas," MP Glenn Thibeault said.

Harper government scraps 3,000 environmental reviews on pipelines and other projects,

CBC News: Harper government budget bill erodes waterway protections

"The act now provides a list of federally protected waters — three oceans, 97 lakes and 62 rivers. Any waterway not on the list that could be affected by a dam, pipeline, mine or bridge won't be protected by federal law."

"Proposals for big pipelines and interprovincial power line projects will no longer have to prove they won't damage or destroy navigable waterways in Canada, under changes introduced by the harper government. These big projects are exempt under the new navigation protection act proposed in the harper government's second omnibus budget bill. The new act would replace one of the country's oldest laws, 'the Navigable Waters Protection Act'. It was established in 1882 and said that no one could block, alter or destroy any water deep enough to float a canoe without federal approval."

Harper government's changes to Fisheries Act shock oceans advocates -Critics say leaked changes to the Fisheries Act could have "grave and lasting consequences" on Canadian fish and aquatic habitats.

Harper government cutting scientists who monitor pollution

WinnipegFreePress: Scientists across the world lash Harper government for pulling plug on Experimental Lakes Area (ELA)

"Scientists from Harvard University, the Smithsonian Institute, and other research centres are condemning a decision by the Harper government to shut down a world-class freshwater research program. A program called the Experimental Lakes Area, a region of 58 lakes near Kenora, Ont., that scientists have used for groundbreaking experiments, will be scrapped as part of Harper's budget cuts. Scientists are dismayed by the Harper government's move to wind down the Experimental Lakes Area in northwestern Ontario. Those cuts come with 40 layoffs in Winnipeg's regional Fisheries and Oceans Canada office. Many of those who are being laid off are biologists, chemists and other scientists who form the ELA's core." source:

Montreal Gazette: Canadian scientists are being silenced by Harper government -,

Scientists shocked after Harper government assigns IT staff to monitor ozone data -D

Harper government to 'gut' fish protection laws, biologist claims Move would make it easier for projects like Calgary-based Enbridge Inc.'s Northern Gateway pipeline to B.C. to clear federal hurdles

Stephen Harper cuts environment spending

Stephen Harper's administration is cutting budgets for climate, conservation and ozone monitoring projects
Canada's Stephen Harper government is spending more than 60 billion dollars on new military jets and warships while slashing more than $200 million dollars in funding for research and monitoring of the environment.

Harper government responds to caribou decline with plan to kill wolves

Woodland caribou herds in Canada are declining, and tar sands development is a big part of the reason why. But Canada’s national and provincial governments know what do about that: Kill the wolves.
source: -D 
Again our land is being put at risk for the sake of a dollar.
A blocked road temporarily disturbs the road system. A broken pipe line that is laid under 800 rivers won't be a temporary annoyance.
Our country is in Danger. Clean Land and Drinkable Water are our greatest Resources. Money won't be of much value when these resources are greatly limited.
The First Peoples value their land more than money.
The root of all evil is the LOVE of money.
"God keep our land, glorious and free."

I'm praying for this Movement called "Idle No More". Our society is in need of knowing the Heart of the First Peoples. Their ways are not our ways. We have a long history of trying to kill "their ways" so only ours remain. If we were successful, our Country's destruction would be guaranteed. In this time we need to learn about "their ways" and honor them by restructuring our Country's priorities to reflect their presence!

I hear some speak negatively about the road blocks. I look at it this way: the road system is a "white man" system and they're causing little chaos compared to the chaos that has been caused to their systems. We know little about the chaos that we have caused because we still know little about "their ways". Their Heart is for the Land- they Love the Land. It's sacred to them.

Our Country is in danger right now and it will be as long as the economy is our #1 priority. It should be A priority but it shouldn't be governing all our decisions. I'd like to see the protection of our land and water as the #1 priority in Canada. Keep our land safe and then make money. We need "their ways" to influence "our ways". This is truly a pivotal time in Canadian History. Change is on the horizon.