Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gambling vs. Working

‎Two years go we were all so passionate about our little town in the North. We were united in our desires to "Save Hornepayne" and to "Rebuild"..what's happened since then? Instead of working together and moving forward, we got side tracked by the prospect of an "easier" way. In our quest to find "New Work" we stopped off at the "Casino". The big numbers have us dreaming and NWMO is whispering in our ear hoping to convince us to put our home into their slot machine.

Nuclear Waste is a gamble; it's not a solid economic plan. It doesn't involve any amount of work, in fact all we have to do is put our town on the line and take a huge risk with our future. In return we might "win" a one time payout or we could lose it all. We do know it's a short lived plan; a temporary project. The funds are a one time thing and not a continued paycheck. That's the way it is with a gamble. If we want a "paycheck" we will have to work for it.

Our Mall had an expiry date and now this project has an expiry date. Can we give up on the temporary solutions and build something that will last and benefit many generations? Can we build in a way that will bless our future generations instead of cause them grief? There will be smaller risks to take along the way, but like we recently heard, "we should never risk more than what we are willing to lose".