Monday, August 30, 2010

It's time to rebuild!

There are so many variables right now. The mall is closing and all businesses and services within the building do not yet know where they are going to be relocated. The CoGen plant is still on hold, and it's future will greatly effect Haavaldsrud's. Our future Mayor and Council will definitely be leading our Town into a season of rebuilding.

30 years ago we had more than we do right now! It's time to build up!

I heard it said this week, "You have to be smart to sit in (council)". To which I responded, "You have to be able to lead a community." I believe we have many "smart" people who live here; I'll be voting for a person who can recognize them, encourage them, position them, and work with them. It will take many kinds of people to rebuild this Town; our new council has to be able to recognize, trust, and organize these talents to accomplish what needs to be done.

Hornepayne is filled with talents, ideas, and energy! Everything we need to rebuild Hornepayne already exits in the hearts of it's people. The first time I met Paul Stewart he told me of his idea to build windmills and sell energy. I don't know if this is a feasible project or not, but I like the way he thinks. Paul thinks BIG! Big thinkers think beyond what has already been done. I hope Paul runs for Council, but even if he doesn't he's still an asset and can contribute to Hornepayne.

Cindy Craig, is an encourager. We saw her encourage people these last few months when things looked bleak. Armand LeFort persevered when the Facebook crowd gave up. I remember seeing Zach Armstrong fearlessly leading his High school way back when. Never did I hear him say "we can't...." My involvement with Minor Hockey highlighted many, many, hard workers. I hate hearing "we have no volunteers", because everyone has something to contribute it just takes the right leader to see it and position them in a place when they can use it. This is what I'll be looking for at the polls.

We're going to need new ideas. We're going to need workers. We're going to need encouragers. We're going to need short and long term vision, and the steps to accomplish these things. We're going to need leaders who know their community and know how to work WITH it. It's going to take each and every Hornepayne-er to contribute who they are and what they have inside them, to build Hornepayne.