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What I have learned on my nuclear journey, so far.

To: Jackfish Journal 
Hornepayne, Ontario

April 28, 2013
Letter to the Editor,

I started learning about Nuclear in the summer of 2011. It was a brand new subject for me. There was a lot of discussion on the Facebook Group “Let’s Rebuild Hornepayne”. We were told to keep an open mind, and I certainly did that. I wasn’t put off by the word “nuclear waste” and I looked at all sides of this to the best that I could. One of the major discussions had to do with safety. Back in those days we all immersed ourselves in NWMO’s info. It seemed all good and safe. There was a time I was for this.

Hornepayne is in the “learn more process” which means they hope we are each learning more about this. As my personal learning process continued I started to see another side of this Nuclear Industry, a side not portrayed by NWMO. The other side is the exact opposite of what the Pro-nuke people say. The research results are different, the death counts are different, and the levels of expected safety standards seem different. I found very educated experts who did not support the safety claims of the industry. And now, instead of "what to believe" (science) it has been all about deciding who to believe.

This is what I have found:
The Science that supports Nuclear is often peer reviewed. This means industry paid scientists confirm the results of industry paid research and the results always support the industry. In the news recently it has been exposed that our Canadian Scientists have been muzzled by the government. 
·         When it comes to radiation exposure, the long term effects are rarely accounts for. If you research Chernobyl for example, you will find many different death tolls. The effects of radiation may take decades before it kills; the industry often does not account for these deaths. This is how the Industry keeps their death print looking so good.
·         Of great interest is the story about Linda Keen. She was the CEO and President of the CNSC from 2001–08. (CNSC is the Canadian Regulator that oversees nuclear safety. They will be overseeing the safety of the DGR.) When she shut down one of the reactors for safety reasons she was fired! Continually I see that money is more important than safely.

Because this debate has more to do with, who are you going to believe and not about science, we see more character assassinating than we do truthful evidence. On our Facebook Group “Concerned Citizens of Hornepayne” there has not been a single anti-nuke expert that the pro-nukers have accepted. It does not matter what their degree or their level of expertise. Anyone who speaks against nuclear is considered to be wrong and “uneducated”. Even Greenpeace is not accepted as credible! Another popular name for those who oppose nuclear is “fear monger” which I have found to be untrue. There are many educated people out there who have valid reasons to disagree with what the industry claims.

So that is where I am in this debate. Those who are not benefiting financially from the Nuclear Industry do not accept this plan as being safe for the amount of time that the waste will be active. On the other side, the story is the exact opposite. Who are we to trust? For me, I trust the people who have nothing to gain from what they claim. What they teach is not influenced by a love for money. They have been persecuted by the industry and still they keep to their story. I’ve considered their reasons and I find myself believing what they say. There is no evidence of deception. On the other side, I see denials of deaths (like Deline), a CEO in charge of safety fired for doing her job, and denials of how far reaching accidents are (like Fukushima). The exposures of corrupt practices cause me to mistrust.

We are waiting to hear back from the CLC regarding a petition. It has been rumored that if we can show, through a petition that the majority of Hornepayne is opposed to this then council will withdraw from this process. If a petition will be considered we will be circulating one soon.

Bev Allen.
Concerned Citizen of Hornepayne.

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  1. Hey Bev, was this letter to the editor printed?