Thursday, May 21, 2015

A day in the life of the Opposition...

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Prophetic Symbolisms. My Facebook account of "Bee Alive" is not a mask that I hide behind but a declaration! I guess nobody informed our local troll.

I made a comment on the CNSC's post a few days ago. This morning, I tried to access my Facebook account and found that I was logged out. To access my account, I am now being required to upload my ID. Oddly (through another Facebook access), I have found my CNSC's post gone and replaced with Jaro's.

Our Mayor and Council got us involved with this "Learn More" process and for those of us who are opposed, it sure has been frustrating . Besides being followed around online by these paid nuclear discredit-ors, the opposition have been at a constant disadvantage locally. From the pro-majority representation on the CLC, to organizing (and financing) our own speakers, to the constant ignoring of our SCIENTIFICALLY BASED and socially based concerns, to failing to record our deputations in the CLC minutes...

And yes, I  believe that radiation results in secondary cancers. It's all true. :)

PS. He doesn't only follow us on Facebook....


  1. Hello Bev. My name is Rob Simpson and I was just reading a few of your Blogs and it appears you have a interest in Hornepayne. I am interested in the histories of fire stations throughout Ontario. There doesn't appear to be a lot out there about the Hornepayne fire department and yet as I understand it, the department was in operation way back in 1948 as Wicksteed Township. If you still monitor this page and have any knowledge about this fire department I would appreciate hearing from you, so I can place it in my webpage at Thanks Rob at

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