Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Youth, our Treasure.

I've always been passionate about the Youth in Hornepayne. I lead Youth Group for 7 years. I don't believe they are the leaders of tomorrow, but they are an important part of our society, today! They need somebody who will believe in them, help them, teach them, and raise them to be who they were created to be.

Mistakes are a great teaching tool. We can either learn from our own mistakes or we can learn from the mistakes that others make. It's very important for the older generation to teach the younger one. If the seasoned leaders never teach the newer ones what they've learned along the way, then the new generation is left to make every mistake on their own. The mistakes we make must be passed along, they might be worth more than Gold!

If we want to see growth in Hornepayne we're gonna have to invest in our Youth. If you know business, then you need to pass along what you know to those who want to be in business. If you know hospitality, then you need to pass along your wisdom. If you know about health, then you need to share what you've learned to help others live a healthy lifestyle. If you know how to paint, paint with others. And for us leaders, we need to raise up the leaders. There should never be a Municipal election where a Young leader is not equipped to run in it.

I would like to see our Municipal leaders taking personal interest in our School Councils. A lunch date at least 4 times a year would be a great start. Through that avenue, relationships can be built, encouragement can be given, and our Town Leaders will be connected to what is going on in the social lives of our underage citizens.

In the past, I taught a structured weekly study on leadership. This is a good format, but not practical for all areas of life. I'm not suggesting to start professional teaching times to train and equip, I'm just saying to treasure what you've learned and be willing to pass it along to anyone you are in relationship with. Sometimes a young person will want to spend time with you just so they can know your "specialty".

I also want to point out something that was pointed out to me. Our Youth leave our town to receive the training they need, (College or University), but most of them don't return here. There are many reasons, but I want to highlight one: there's usually not a position here for them to use their skills. Other communities are receiving the talents and skills of our Youth. If we want them to return, then we need to make room for them. I believe this is something that needs to be looked at more closely. Internship programs could greatly asset our community.

For now, let's invest our time in the Youth, and watch Hornepayne flourish!

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