Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remembering and Moving Forward.....

This week has been sad and exciting at the same time. I went to collect my mail before going for my last swim, and I found all the mail boxes empty. Of course I knew this was happening, but it all became real on Friday.
Our "last swim" turned out to be a perfect night. We celebrated as we remembered all the good times. Then, we said "good bye".
Last night we went to the Quiet Bar for the last Saturday at Craig's. Again, celebration in remembering.
I had my first job in that restaurant; it was called the Green Apple then. Spent my pre-teen years in there drinking pop and forming the friendships that I still treasure today. Jody and I went on our first date in the Dinning Room. Years and Years of Fritters! And over a decade of daily coffee break visits with the staff. Fun times right up until the end.
Change is hard, but it's also exciting! We will hold our memories together and we can remember them with joy. The building is going and making memories in that place is coming to an end, but we're still going to make history in Hornepayne! There are memories yet to be made. Good things are coming, they're not ending.
We're going to grieve and celebrate together; we're going to remember together; and we're going to move into our future together. ♥

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