Saturday, June 12, 2010

Immature Ideas- Post #3

I call these "Immature ideas" because at this point there has been no deep research, I'm just brainstorming...

1. Communication. Everything that can be made public should be easily accessible to the Public. The minutes used to be posted in the newspaper, this was a good start. Forums and blogs are great ways to communicate these days! Everyone is on the computer and the fears of communicating seem to disappear when using this format.

I would like to see a list of all the projects that council is currently working on. I would also like to see, perhaps in chart form, the progress and where the project sits. Again, this could all be online, but it would also be nice to have an actual public display. Perhaps a newsletter that could be given out to all the coffee/beer drinking hangouts. This will fuel the conversation at those tables and inspire people to get involved.

Of course, if we had a council who was living among us, there would be the regular relationship interaction. Friends communicating with Friends in the hockey change-room, at the bar afterward s, in the arena bleachers, at church, during community functions, where ever! Being involved with People is key.

2. Vision. We have to start on the "20 year plan"! So in 20 years from now Hornepayne will be _____. There are things that just take time; there are things that you can't do all in one year. Imagine if they had a 20 year plan to beautify Cedar Point? That place could be rockin' by now!

Vision can't come from just on person, this would take a team. I would like to see Hornepayne on the Tourist route. People who travel highways 11 and 17 would drive in just to experience what Hornepayne had to offer. I would like to see this town marketed as an old railway town. We have the roundhouse and the old station, a great start! But the true asset is that Hornepayne's People are railroaders! Nobody would have to play a part, because it's who we are. If not an actual CN employee, we are their wives, kids, neighbors,... We know the life of a railroader, we know the history, we know the stories, ....

I would also like to see the "20 year plan" to beautify Hornepayne. I spent a lot of time in the Buttercup trails this year, much could be done so many more could enjoy them. The River is another asset. Cedar Point, our community parks, side walks!

3. The Arts. Art in the Park and The annual Music Fest are FANTASTIC! I would like to see a regular outlet for the artists in our community. An outdoor stage in the middle of a grassy field would be perfect for the summer months. An Artist's cafe would be a great hangout.
The arts are important because this is one of the major ways the Gen X and under, express themselves. The lack in this area is one of the reasons I have considered moving to a bigger center.

4. Immediate Economic stimulation. The new council may come in right after the closing of the mall. If this happens, we are going to be without a lot of services, and the "20 year plan" is not going to bring much comfort. It's hard to come up with a solution at this point when we don't know what we are going to have to work with. A motel is a major factor. If we can't host people for the night, how can we plan events that would draw people here? I think re-building a motel should be of first priority, if the center closes.

5. The Arena. The arena is in need of a few things. Repairs to the upper floor, more change rooms, and office space. Business is booming, so to speak, and with a few changes we could capitalize on that. It's definitly an asset as a time like this.

There are many other needs I'm aware of, but I don't know enough about them at this point to come up with ideal solutions. So I'm going to stop here for today. ☺

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  1. Something I posted on the HEDC Facebook group this morning:
    Beverly Allen: In Tobermory there is a shop, it's called "The Sweet Shop". It's all things sweet, and sweet it is! It's a business and a Tourist attraction all in one. What makes it an attraction? The atmosphere; old wooden floors and walls. And SWEETS! New stuff and the stuff we ate as kids. A visit to Tobermory will always include ...a visit to the Sweet Shop....So how does this help Hornepayne? If we are going to have a blueberry plantation, we should have a blueberry shop...All things blueberry! A country feel, jams, pies, wine, ice cream, yogurt, .... make it a place where everyone who drove on our highway would stop at.
    Speaking of wine, what else can we grow up here that could be turned into wine? Can we have a winery here?