Friday, June 11, 2010

Just have to be, ME! ...Post #2

I have been pondering how ridiculous my insecurities are! I believe in my ideas and in the vision I have for Hornepayne. I'm sold out to what I think the Municipal government's roll is. I know what I want and what I expect. If I were to run for Council, all I would have to do it run those things by the People of Hornepayne. If they agreed with me, then they would vote for me. If their vision for Hornepayne was not the same as mine then they wouldn't vote for me, and rightly so! If my heart does not line up with the Heart of Hornepayne, then I should not be in leadership of it. But if it does.....☺

Another thing is, I so believe in my ideas that I don't think I would have to resort to the usual political tactics. I wouldn't have to rip my opponents apart to elevate myself. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses; I will not capitalize on my opponent's weakness to highlight my strength. I think my generation is just sick of all that political BS.

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