Friday, June 11, 2010

The beginning...

I went to the HEDC annual meeting a few nights ago. I wasn't shocked to find out that I have been wired for this kind of stuff. We are each created differently, and I was definitely created to lead and to be creative. I went there pondering the thought of joining the board, but during it, I couldn't help but desire a place where I could contribute to bigger changes. I didn't feel the HEDC board was right for me...well, for now.

I know I'm a leader, I do not struggle with that. I do struggle with the fact that others have a hard time seeing my potential. I feel like I'm always trying to convince people to give me a chance. This is a major hurdle as I consider running for Town Council. For 11 years I worked for the Town, and they made feel like I wasn't good enough to scrub their toilets! Who is going to believe I can lead the town? Will people listen to my ideas?

Working for the Town for all those years does give me some advantages. I was able to see first hand the problems that exist on the inside. A major problem, I believe, is that Council does not make any effort to form relationships. How can they know what the people want and need when they don't spend time with people? They never used the pool or even came by, yet they are in the position to govern it! You simply can't know about something unless you are truly involved with it. They heard about the pool and about the staff, but did not know us! I think, if they did not take the time to know their own staff, then they definitely did not take the time to know their community.

I would like to see a Town Council that is one of us, as opposed to, set apart from us. People who care about the people, know the people, and are regularly involved with the people. I should not have to attend a council meeting to know what council is doing, because they should be involved with me, and we should be working together. We should all be about the same business, Hornepayne Business! If the majority of Hornepayne does not give a rat's ass about most of Council's business, then you have to wonder what and who their business is about.

A community is made up of all different kinds of people. Some volunteer and some don't. Some are involved and some are not. But every single person who lives here has a passion for something, and if you put all those passions together we see the true heart of Hornepayne. I think those whom are not involved probably can't see where they fit. Perhaps their passion was not valued at some point, and they were told "NO!", or maybe they just can't see how and where they can contribute. Imagine if we had a council that made a place for each person to manifest their passion into the community?

A leader is not above anyone, they just fill the leadership roll. A volunteer is not more valued than one who does not volunteer, because they were wired to contribute in this way; if they were not involved they would feel a loss. We have big idea people and small idea people, both are needed. We have creative artists who express the deep things of humanity, and we have business buffs who create and grow businesses. Town leaders do not have to be experts in any field except leadership. They have to know how to recognize passion in a person and find a way to connect them to the rest of the town. They have to be encouraging and believe in the Town's people. They have to see the value in everyone, not just in some. They have to serve the people by recognizing and fulfilling the needs in the community.

I really hope Hornepayne is ready for change. I hope when the people go to the polls they are thinking outside of the normal "Mayor and council" stereo-type. I hope they ponder what their needs are and they vote for the person(s) who will lead in that direction. Some things can be learned, like the legalities of the job. But nobody is going to automatically turn into a good caring person once they are elected; we have to figure out who is good before hand, and vote them in.


  1. Very nicely said Bev. You would make a great leader.
    As I said before, if you run for council, you have my vote.

  2. You get my vote Bev,your ideas are just what Hornepayne needs.
    I will help you in any way I can.
    T-Shirts Vote For Bev
    We need you get you out there so the people will know what you want to do to help Hornepayne.