Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FIRST MEETING - December 6 2010

Our new leaders officially sat in their seats last night, and held their first council meeting.

Morley seems to be a natural leader. He kept the meeting flowing and clear. He added some humor. I don't think he will be tolerant of any B.S. and I pity the one who plans on trying!

He has already taken steps to move us forward. They passed a resolution to start acquiring information about the nuclear thing. DON'T FREAK OUT! They don't know if it's a good idea for Hornepayne or not, they're just moving forward to learn about it so they can form an opinion. They're not dragging Hornepayne into anything, but they're going to provide us with all the education they receive. We're all going to learn together, and we'll all have a chance to express our opinions. As it stands right now, Morley and Willy think it could be good, and Paul and Laureen have their reservations. Heather didn't let on to which way she was leaning.

The council meetings have been moved from Wednesdays to Mondays, and I think it's to accommodate Willy's work schedule. He was unable to commit to our local committees for the same reason. His mechanical experience gives him an understanding of the Public Works Department, and he started asking questions about their operations. He asked many questions through out the whole meeting; I don't think he's in the B.S. business either. ☺

Paul was appointed to form the new recreation committee. He will sit on it as the Town representative. This is an exciting thing for recreation IMO, but I'm sure most will agree!

Laureen got the ball rolling for our future plan. She has asked for a meeting to be scheduled in March that will be devoted to future vision and goal setting. She gets a big "A+" from me!

The meeting was over 3 hours long.They had much to go through and they were learning the process as they went.

Well, we're off!!!

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  1. I thought I would note who was at this meeting; for accountability sake. That way if you feel there is something questionable in this "report", then you will know who to talk to if you need to seek answers.

    Mayor Morley

    Rhonda (for half the meeting)

    Stacey Rendell
    Me (obviously)
    Some guy from Hydro
    Penny Forester
    Albena Liebigt
    Lisa Stewart (for most of it)

    The curling club ladies had a deputation at 7:00pm. They were present only for their business.