Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are we going left or right?

In a perfect world everyone is on board with the Leader's vision. Everyone get's behind it and doesn't question where the Leader is going. Everyone is satisfied and encouraged with the direction. But, we don't live in a perfect world.

You can't go in two directions at the same time, and it's inevitable that someone is going to desire to go on "the path not taken". In the past, Hornepayne had to decide if they were going to abandon the hunting/fishing tourist path and walk on a new path towards the nuclear industry. It has been presented recently that we can have both, but really who is going to be drawn to the nuclear town for Hunting and Fishing?

It seemed to me at the Candidates night last month that there was much support (from the town's people) for the nuclear idea. I don't know enough about this to be for or against it. What will Hornepayne gain by going in this direction, in comparison to what will we loose by abandoning the path we are currently on?

I can't see our Fishing Outfitters excited about the nuclear idea. This is the sad part of changing directions. These people believed in the past vision and got behind it. They put their money and talents behind it and built upon it. They've invested in it, and now could loose much. There is much to consider when changing directions. Are we going to gain more than we loose?

Jody and I went to the business financing meeting that was held at the Legion this past week. How can anyone start a business at this time? There are some obvious "holes" in our town, (like a hotel), but all the needs will not be known until the vision for our future is established. What are we building towards? What are we building on? I need to know these things.

Not everyone is going to like change, and not everyone is going to like staying the same. Hopefully our leaders can be strong in their vision and remain so during transition and in the face of opposition, because it will come.

In a perfect world change is easy, but we're definitely not in a perfect world!


  1. It is never easy to decide what a town would benefit from. Nuclear would create a lot of jobs, but you are right, nuclear is not something I would associate with hunting and fishing. Hopefully your town will come to a decision fairly soon after everyone has had a chance to really look into all the info available.

  2. Our new council is not officially in yet. This is a premature idea at this time. But, we do need a different direction, (or really modify the one we have) because we certainly want different results and everyone knows you can't have different results by doing the same actions. So, I'm expecting the New Council will start tabling their "New" ideas as soon as they're in. I'm pretty sure the Nuclear thing is one of the things that are going to be considered.