Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Now?

One of my desires is to see Hornepayne's economy improve; one of the simplest ways to do that is to draw visitors to our town.
We have many organizations who depend on fund-raising for financial support. Why not brainstorm and come up with events that will draw out-of-town visitors to partake in your event? Their presence will not only support the organization, but also the businesses in town.
We can host all kinds of events; with the exception of facility improvements, we're only limited by our creativity.

Here are things I think need to be fixed immediately:
*We need a place for our visitors to stay. We need a motel.
*The Arena and the Legion are really the only facilities we have left. Because the Arena is owned by the Township, I will focus on it in this article.
Many events could be held at the arena, but the facility is not equipped to host big events. There is not a place for our guests to eat, drink, get warm, or gather. I think the Township needs to find money to fix the upper room, or/and add on to the building.
The canteen is not equipped to feed large crowds, so improvements are needed there also. I would like to see our canteen occupied by a business person. If we held regular events, a business could be sustained by serving food alone; leaving the vending machines available for Minor Hockey's fund-raising needs.
Curling could draw many visitors, but they need their club room back. We need to find or build a permanent home for our Weight Room.

Two things have to happen in this next bit of time:
1. We need to audit our Town's businesses and services and position everything so that it can all function together. The dust (so to speak), has not yet settled from the closure of the mall, and so we need to make sure everything falls into the perfect place.
2. We need to come up with goals for the future; things to work towards.

Your New leaders will be the ones to get the ball rolling. If I'm voted in, my first step would be meet with the businesses and organizations to see what they personally need to help improve their service to Hornepayne. I would also like to hear any ideas they have for the future. I would also create an easy way for the rest of the Town's people to communicate their ideas. Once all the info was collected, then the Town Leaders could assess their resources and support the needs. The information would also enable them to come up with a vision, and a plan to lead the Town into it's future.

I'm excited to start moving forward!

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