Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Beginning for Hornepayne

Congratulations to Willy, Heather, Paul, Laureen, and our new Mayor, Morley! I look forward to your future contributions to our Town.

I'd like to thank all of you who voted for me, your support means the world. To think, in the beginning I was fearful nobody would believe in me! Hornepayne, you're the best!

To all my fellow "runners", you are still leaders in this community! We stepped forward fueled with passion for this Town. We fell asleep many nights thinking of the ways we could contribute and make improvements; really, what's changed? We're still here and we still love Hornepayne. We still have those great ideas; we can still contribute. We may not have won a seat in the Council Chambers, but we are still needed in the building process. Our leaders can not re-build Hornepayne on their own. Don't give up on your dreams for our future; why not put your ideas forward for consideration?

To the Future Mayor and Council: if you come to a time in the next 4 years where you need some leaders, remember all those who ran along side of you in the race. I don't think you'll find any who are more courageous!

Well Hornepayne, Cheers! Here's to a new Beginning for all of us. ☺

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