Sunday, November 4, 2012

Don't take the bait

We're in the Nuclear Waste process because we chose to be. Actually, the community didn't choose, the leaders chose to throw our names into the hat. "It's a good opportunity for us to look into, and we're not obligated in any way", many say. We're in the "learning process" so if it comes down to a community vote we'll be "educated".

I learned last week that the committee that was set up a year ago to help educate the community is not working with NWMO but they are working under NWMO. They've allowed NWMO to filter all the information that the community receives. The committee has asked many questions over the past year yet they have agreed to stay away from releasing anything factual, and that includes any answers that NWMO has provided the committee. So far, answers to roughly 15 questions have been released to the community. There have been a few open houses where NWMO brought in their experts. Of course, we have been informed to direct all our questions to them.

We need to come out from under NWMO. We can certainly learn about this process without them. Wouldn't it be better to have unbiased sources of information? But, can we really eliminate them? What would it cost us at this point? Well, NWMO has already created a few jobs in our community and they have rented a house. Members of the CLC have gone on educational trips with all expenses paid by NWMO. We're not obligated in any way, BUT if we CHOOSE to turn our backs on NWMO today we would be left without any funds to educate ourselves, we would lose the jobs and our committee would lose their office.

It seems to me that Hornepayne is already taking the bait. It's true that we'll have the option to choose, but the longer we stay in this process the more it's going to cost us to say "no".

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