Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Get Real about Nuclear Waste

Wow! I can't believe it's been a year since my last post.

The Nuclear Waste project has been receiving some media attention lately. Our local debate started on Facebook (Let's Rebuild Hornepayne, Group) in the spring/summer of 2011. Our town is split for obvious reasons. The case for the project has been made. Canada needs a solution and there's billions of dollars waiting for the community who takes on the problem. The case against hasn't been so clearly stated. The best case scenario is out there but the worst case scenario is still quite mysterious.

The first time I heard about this topic was at the Candidates nights during the 2010 Municipal election. A question was asked about our position regarding this issue. Not knowing anything about it, all I could do was state my values:
  1. Healthy People  
  2. Healthy Economy
The economy is very important, but the lives of our children are more so. Since the beginning I've waited for a balance of information. Are the risks worth the rewards? What exactly are the risks? So far it is being said that this is safe. In fact we hear very little negative reports. Why are we not hearing anything negative? And I don't just mean locally. There's nothing negative being said nationally. This is bigger than small northern communities, this is international news but you would hardly know it. Are voices being silenced? Where's all the scientists who are against this project? Where's the educated people who can spot the flaws in this design? It's nuclear waste, surely someone has some red flags to raise.
What is the worst case scenario? What would a leak look like at 500 M below ground? How long will it take to detect it and what can be done about it? Will the majority of our town have cancer before it is detected?

The silence makes me nervous. I want all the true facts. I want an honest debate. I want to hear 2 sides- not just one. So far it seems lop sided and I hope it's not going to even out after the waste is planted in our ground. The case for it has been made, now let's hear the case against it. Presenting the worst case scenario would be a good place to start IMO.

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