Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The CLUAH Project +The Nuclear Project

I had a thought this morning- I'll bet the outfitters around here don't want the nuclear waste storage facility to come to Hornepayne. I can't see it being good for their business. Would you pay $1000.00 to fish in an area that is also storing nuclear waste? I wouldn't. I'd choose somewhere else- even if it is totally safe to the environment.

And my second thought- I'll bet when the people of Hornepayne make their decision about the nuclear waste, they're not going to consider how that decision will affect the outfitters. Supporting tourism doesn't seem to benefit us much anymore.

Weather the nuclear project is in our future or not, I have to wonder about the future of tourism. The relationship between town folk and outfitter has suffered much damage through the CLUAH Project. Can the outfitter really survive without the support of Hornepayne people? Do the Hornepayne people really want to go in a different direction in our future?

I feel the nuclear waste storage facility should be an option for us consider, but I really hope it's not our ONLY option!

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