Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Regular Meeting- April 4th 2011

This meeting, which lasted 3 hours, was well attended by spectators. It was encouraging to see.

It began with the department head reports, and then another in-camera session at 7:00pm. In an attempt to serve the spectators, Mayor Morley tried to deffer the session to the end of the meeting. Unfortunately the Town Employee's schedule did not permit him to stay, and the in-camera session was held at 7:00pm. Even though it didn't work out, it was the though that counts. Good Job Mayor! Most people returned when the meeting re-opened.

Mayor and Council then met with the Curling Club executive regarding next year's curling season. The Curling Club executive were encouraged to "get the numbers" so Mayor and Council can justify the expense of the season to the tax payer. So if you are interested in keeping curling in our town, now is the time to join!

Rhonda Dumoulin will be coordinating the soccer program this year. As in the past, volunteers are needed for this program's success.

The Hospital auxiliary will be running their second hand store out of the arena for the months of May to August.

A few months back, Lionel Hume put in a request to the Township to purchase a fuel tank and some other items out of the Northstar Center. He was told that the tank could not be disconnected from the building and the liability to re-enter the building was to great. Lionel recently noticed the tank was gone and when he reported it to the town office the office staff knew nothing about it. Further investigation revealed that the tank was disassembled by the Township at Morley's request and is now stored at the PWD. The integrity of this transaction was questioned, but Mayor Morley stated that he believes the tank is where it should be. Willy asked Morley if the tank was "part of the assets that they claimed" and Mayor Morley said that it was.

During the week of April 18th, there should be information available to the public at the Town Office regarding the Nuclear project.

My letter (below) was addressed, but unfortunately no answers are known at this time. Mayor and Council have assured that the questions will be answered at a later date. I will post their official reply when I receive it.

For a more details about this meeting you can obtain a copy of the minutes at the Town Office.

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  1. Present:
    Mayor Morley

    Gail Jeremy
    Denis Mackie
    Norm Berube (until 7:30)

    Dave Anderson (until 7:00)
    Dan, Shannon, Talin, and Logan Boggess (until 7:00pm)

    In attendance for the Curling Club deputation only:
    Tracey Ryan
    Pam Moore
    Shanna Drury
    Amanda Malloy

    Mike Latoski(in attendance for most of the meeting)

    Stacey Rendell
    Carrie Andrews
    Lionel Hume